• cold-temperatureCold Temperature
  • hot-temperatureHot Temperature
  • blown-precipitationBlown Precipitation
  • shock-and-vibrationShock and Vibration
  • fault-tolerantFault Tolerant

Acumentrics Total Power Solutions including the Rugged UPS are tested to the most stringent cold temperatures down to -20°C with LFP batteries . For solutions requiring lower temperatures, contact Acumentrics.

Acumentrics Total Power Solutions are field war zone proven and support very high temperatures with very long life and high reliability with LFP Chemistry up to 60°C. Storage at high temperatures is possible with a very limited effect on battery life.

Our unique heat exchanger Flo-thru™ technology, tunnel design and sealed enclosure provide maximum protection for internal components from damaging effects of blown precipitation and any other contaminants like dust, sand, moisture and others, delivering an unmatched reliability for our Rugged UPS in combat zones harsh environment.

All our Rugged UPS used in communications and electronic power devices are tested and proven with extremely high reliability in combat zone extremely harsh environment for mobile applications with stringent shock and vibration abuse. They have been tested and passed MIL-STD-810G and MIL-S-901-D .

Our Rugged Blade UPS™ is designed to support, resilient, fault tolerant, power systems, using an N+1 configuration, when clean power is mission critical. Acumentrics resilient N+1 Rugged Sync Bus™ delivers the highest possible reliability with up to 8 units in a parallel stack that ensure continuous system operation even in the event of a unit failure within the stack.

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A Rugged Uninterruptible Power Supply or RUPS™ from Acumentrics is designed to withstand extreme environments and challenging conditions.

Power distribution units help manage power and improve system reliability and power delivery, allow for better monitoring, more accurate data logging and system control. Our smart units allow easy access from any device, anywhere in the world.

Acumentrics’ Operational Transit Cases offer up to 2500W power, shock mounted 2U 19-inch rack casing, stacking easily on a standard racking system.

Ensure a clean and consistent power stream to guard against fluctuations that can damage sensitive equipment, with Power Conditioner solutions from Acumentrics.

Our battery packs have proven their mettle meeting military standards in rugged and punishing terrain and environments

Ensure that Acumentrics' power solutions provide unwavering support in even the most extreme conditions with extended battery packs that stand the test of time.

Acumentrics carries the cables, cases, and rack mounts to keep your Rugged Uninterruptible Power Supply (RUPS™) and UPS systems operational, accessible and protected.

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