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Mastering Shipboard Requirements for Dependability

Shipboard and subsea power systems face unique challenges. However, the operation of mission-critical equipment that your mission relies on should not be interrupted by any storm, wind, or wave. At Acumentrics, we innovate at the speed of relevance, enabling our customers to benefit from our full range of purposefully designed, manufactured, and MIL-STD certified power solutions. This ensures the success of their programs and missions, whether ashore, afloat, or subsea.

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Reliability for Maritime Operations

Ensure smooth onboard or shore operations and enhance the security of critical port and maritime organizations in shipping and transportation. Our cutting-edge power solutions were field tested in naval exercises and designed and manufactured to meet the electrical, mechanical and environmental demands encountered in seaports or onboard vessels. In addition, testing proves the rugged durability of our power technologies, whether facing demanding conditions on an offshore platform serving the energy sector, commercial fishing and exploration or defense purposes.


Backup Power Power when it’s most needed is the critical need in any uninterrupted power solution. That’s why Acumentrics backup power solutions are designed, tested and proven to work. When you need it. Where you need it. Our batteries and systems offer the lowest power to weight ratio, have proven themselves in the field, and are ready to help you keep the power flowing.
Power Distribution Power distribution solutions in the field need to be dependable, reliable and consistent. That’s why dozens of the most advanced solutions on the land, in the air and on (and in) the sea rely on solutions from Acumentrics. In any environment, in any condition, and in every theater of operations, our systems have kept power distribution solutions working and performing when it matters the most.
Primary Remote Power What will be the primary power source of your platform? It can vary, but the quality of the power your platform needs won’t change. Bridging the gap between the primary power source and your solution and making sure the power is reliable, clean and ready when its needed is Acumentrics goal. Our products are designed, tested and proven to support power solutions and ensure performance.
Backup Conversion You can’t ensure where your power is coming from. But you can ensure how it goes out to the critical electronics you need to power. Acumentrics has real-time conversion solutions that make sure that the backup power you need is ready to use and perform. When you reply on our power conversion solutions, you protect your sensitive equipment from surges, spikes, brownouts, blackouts and noise.
Power Conditioning Consistent power is great, but can your systems use it without being damaged? Getting reliable power in a useable state can be a challenge, affected by the source, the output and the environment. Acumentrics has decades of experience creating systems that can perform wherever, however, and ready to integrate with any system you need to support.

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A Rugged Uninterruptible Power Supply or RUPS™ from Acumentrics is designed to withstand extreme environments and challenging conditions.

Power distribution units help manage power and improve system reliability and power delivery, allow for better monitoring, more accurate data logging and system control. Our smart units allow easy access from any device, anywhere in the world.

Acumentrics’ Operational Transit Cases offer up to 2500W power, shock mounted 2U 19-inch rack casing, stacking easily on a standard racking system.

Ensure a clean and consistent power stream to guard against fluctuations that can damage sensitive equipment, with Power Conditioner solutions from Acumentrics.

Our battery packs have proven their mettle meeting military standards in rugged and punishing terrain and environments

Ensure that Acumentrics' power solutions provide unwavering support in even the most extreme conditions with extended battery packs that stand the test of time.

Acumentrics carries the cables, cases, and rack mounts to keep your Rugged Uninterruptible Power Supply (RUPS™) and UPS systems operational, accessible and protected.

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