Rugged UPS

Rugged UPS ACG1253

3U AC/DC output, AC/DC input Rugged UPS


Unique Flo-Thru™ Technology 
A unique heat-sink tunnel design and gasket sealed enclosure provides maximum protection for components from the damaging effects of moisture, airborne particles, and other contaminates in the operating environment.

Power Factor Corrected 
The Rugged-UPS™ provides seamless active power-factor correction and clean, reliable AC or DC power.

AC and DC Power Output 
Power management allows various combinations of AC and DC power up to the maximum power rating of the unit. The combined power output (AC and DC) is indicated on the LED bar graph and protected from overloading.

On-Line Double Conversion 
The Rugged- UPS™ creates DC voltage which is then converted to the needed AC or DC output voltage, protecting sensitive equipment from input surges, spikes, brownouts, blackouts and noise.

Rugged UPS Transferring 
These units transfer seamlessly without interrupting the load quality and have zero switch over time.

Dual Input with Automatic Power Selection 
On DC input models, our design allows the UPS to automatically select AC or DC power. In the event of an AC power failure, the external DC input takes precedence over the internal battery.

User-Replaceable Battery Pack 
The Rugged-UPS™ features LFP or low maintenance, valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries, enclosed in a user-replaceable battery pack for rapid hot-swap field replacement.

LFP Battery Pack 
Backward compatible with existing units, these packs offer a safe energy source that is light weight with high cycle life and long run time.

Lightweight Aluminum Chassis 
The Rugged-UPS™ is housed in a compact, lightweight chassis. All aluminum, welded construction minimizes overall weight of the unit while maintaining high durability.

Accepts True Worldwide Input™ 
The Rugged- UPS™ accepts AC input power from 80 VAC to 265 VAC / 47 Hz to 440 Hz, as well as DC input from 22 VDC to 32 VDC.

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Rugged UPS ACG1253
In (VAC)80-265
In (freq)47-440
In (VDC)20-32
Out (VAC)115, 230 Optional
Out (VDC)12,24,28,36,48,54 optional
With Internal LFP Battery
Backup Time (m)30
Total Weight (lbs)79
With Internal Lead Acid Battery
Backup Time (m)15
Total Weight (lbs)83
H,W,L (inches)5.25″, 17″, 21″


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