Rugged UPS

Rugged UPS ANG1501

1U DC output, AC input Rugged UPS



Rugged Blade UPS™ Parallel, Fault Tolerant and N+1 Operations
The Rugged Blade UPS delivers a continuous power of 1500 VA / 1250 W. It is designed to support parallel operations when more power is required. Up to 8 units can be connected in parallel delivering a total continuous power of 10,000VA/8,000W.
It is also designed to support Resilient, Fault Tolerant Power Systems, using an N+1 configuration for Mission Critical Applications. When for example the application requires 6250W, the system can be configured with 6 units, all 6 units sharing the 6250W critical load. When one unit fails, the load is automatically properly distributed to the 5 working units still supporting the 6250W. For this to occur without affecting the quality of the AC output power with very high reliability, several advanced features (hardware and software) are integral part of each Rugged Blade UPS™.

Power Has Never Been More Portable
Acumentrics uses advanced technologies in power conversion, high performance digital controls and an innovative high frequency transformer to create the Rugged Blade UPS.™
This unit offers a new level of power portability to military applications in a narrow 1U chassis, providing significant savings of rack space.

Light in Weight, Not Power
Despite being lightweight, the Rugged Blade UPS™ provides extremely high power density. Offering 1250W of AC or DC output power in half the space of a traditional UPS, it is one of the most powerful and compact UPS products on the market. The system is rated to provide 1250W of continuous power from -20ºC to 60ºC (with lithium-ion battery pack option). Some de-rating may occur at the extreme limits of specifications.

Power Factor Corrected
This UPS accepts a wide range of voltages and frequencies, while providing clean, reliable AC and DC power as well as seamless switching from AC shore power to DC power to the internal battery.

On-Line Double Conversion
The Rugged Blade UPS ™ creates DC voltage which is then converted to the needed AC or DC output voltage, protecting sensitive equipment from input surges, spikes, brownouts, blackouts and noise.

Flo-Thru™ Technology
With Acumentrics’ unique Flo-Thru™ technology and heat-sink tunnel design, this UPS delivers maximum protection to components from airborne particles and other contaminants. Advanced fan controls provide the correct airflow for cooling, while minimizing noise and extending fan life.

Optional Advanced Paralleling
Advanced N+1 paralleling makes the Rugged Blade UPS™ the building block in a modular system, for up to 10kVA and ensuring redundancy with no system downtime – essential for mission critical applications.

Dual Input with Automatic Power Selection
A Rugged Blade UPS™ with AC or DC input prioritizes AC shore, then DC input and then internal battery power sources. In the event of loss of AC power the external DC input takes precedence over the internal battery, which provides back up power if both AC and DC input power is lost.

Rugged UPS Transferring
These units transfer seamlessly without interrupting the load quality and have zero switch over time.

User-Replaceable Battery Pack
The Rugged Blade UPS™ features Lithium-Ion or low maintenance, valve-regulated lead acid, enclosed in a user-replaceable battery pack for rapid hot-swap field replacement. The Lithium-Ion battery pack provides a lightweight energy source with longer shelf life and cycle life.

Accepts True Worldwide Input™
The Rugged Blade UPS™ accepts AC input power from 80 VAC to 265 VAC / 47 Hz to 440 Hz, as well as DC input from 20 VDC to 32 VDC. At 20 VDC some de-rating may occur.

Additional information

CHS 5 Eligible

CHS 5 Eligible

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This product is designed for these industries:
Rugged UPS ANG1251
In (VAC)80-265
In (freq)47-440
In (VDC)20-32
Out (VAC)15, 230 Optional
Out (VDC)24,28 optional
With Internal LFP Battery
Backup Time (m)10
Total Weight (lbs)28
With Internal Lead Acid Battery
Backup Time (m)2
Total Weight (lbs)33
H,W,L (inches)1.75″, 17″, 21″
This product meets these MIL Standards:
Blown Precipitation – MIL-STD-810G
Shipboard – MIL-STD-1399
Shock – MIL-STD-810F
Vehicle Power – MIL-STD-1275
Vibration – MIL-STD-167-1


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